30k Fluff - Nykona Sharrowkyn #1

The Fluff (Courtesy of Lexicanium):
Nykona Sharrowkyn was a member of the elite Mor Deythan of the Raven Guard Legion during the Horus Heresy. Incredibly talented, he inherited his Primarch's ability to "Wraith-slip" and could literally evade light and walk instinctively in shadows, giving him an almost ghost-like ability to infiltrate. He held the incredible accolades of being one of few beings to shoot a Primarch in the head with a Sniper Rifle and survive, and also besting Lucius the Eternal twice in sword combat.

So there is no model for Nykona, yet. And the fluff disappears and dries up. What happened to him?

Did he remain with the Raven Guard or separate with the shattered legions joining another Chapter? Or does he get drafted into the nascent Grey Knights, under Garro?

At the crux of it lies my take on Nykona, based on Captain Korvydae, with a resin helm from Anvil Industries and power swords from Maxmini. My Sharrowkyn is modelled after his departure from the Mor Deythan, not long after he used double blades to stab both of Lucius the Eternal's hearts. Yep, he is a bonafide bad ass.

 I still have to kitbash his backpack and I have a sniper rifle picked out for him too. More to come.


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