The Unforgiven - Dark Angels #4

Now time for the Unforgiven Sergeants. The Dark Vengeance box set comes with a Sergeant the has a relatively decent pose, however I just had to tweak it a little and give them more of a traitor-esque feel. Here is the initial pose side-by-side with the first tweaked version.

A Chaos Beserker plasma pistol and power maul instead of the original plasma pistol and chainsword. The head swap was mandatory, coming from the Dark Angels Command squad. The plasma pistol will eventually play as a Volkite Charger. I will have to fill the shoulder gap on the power maul arm.

For the next sergeant, I swapped the chainsword for a power sword and the head swapped out for another cowled command squad head. I am still trying to work through what to do with the plasma pistol. Not quite sure, yet.

More to come, when I work out the load out and get them to the spray booth.


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