Objective Markers #1

So you're playing a game of Heresy or 40k. You might play to face melt stomp your opponent and table them, bugger the mission, or you actually play the mission and go for objectives.
Given this, most times when you mark an objective, you'll a leave a dice with an appropriate number face up, or maybe a poker chip, or, if you're really fancy, a limited edition codex token.

Does the job, right?

It does. But it doesn't really capture the narrative. What are you actually fighting for? What are you trying to defend? Intercept?

So I decided to make myself objective markers, using some pieces I had on my table.

First up, a resin Infamy miniature. I am thinking maybe a hologram projection. Maybe xenos-tech or a data store.

Cool miniature? I doubt I will have time jumping into a new gaming system. So this will probably be the best use for it.

Some bits of flame bent styrene, the intake off a Storm Fang and 60mm base. 

After adding some ballast basing material.

And she's all ready for some priming and painting.


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