General Ramblings #12 - C.A.T re-modelling (Space Hulk)

Can anyone cast their minds back to Space Hulk 1st Ed. when you had missions, looking for the Cyber Altered Task (C.A.T) Unit? It might be before some peoples time, but you'd place Space Hulk looking for this 2D cardboard token.

When 3rd Ed. rebooted the series Games Workshop created a mini specifically for the C.A.T.

Now this mini, whilst being very gothic looking and similar to bomb disposal robots, was light years ahead of the old cardboard token(s). But, in my opinion, it didn't quite hit the mark.

This is where Anvil Industries took this concept to a new level, with their Taurus Gun Tractors. Echoing the general tracked robotic unit design, Anvil Industries took these to the next level.

Now, you may be asking, "why did you buy so many?"

Well, you'll just have to tune into the next article for that ...


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