Shield Brothers Landraider Kit-Bash #8

Attaching the outer Land Raider armor to the outer Baneblade armor.

First up, grab your tank tracks and clean the flash off them. I found these had a lot of mold lines, such a pain in the ass.


Attach the tracks per the assembly instructions and start attaching the Baneblade external armor panels.

You might have to slap on a rubber band to keep it all together. I found the panels were a little warped and needed the rubber band.
Now remember way back when I added the cuts to the inside of the Land Raider external armor?
Probably not, but anyways, trim the rotated front portion of the tunnel flat to the inner panel. Sounds complicated, but essentially you have to do this so it will sit flat with the front section of the external Baneblade armor. The back half of the Land Raider external armor butts up flush, with the cut-out rear Baneblade external armor.

The tricky part is getting the rear internal opening to match up with the external rear opening.

 Why only the rear? Because the weapon will be mounted to the front hatch.

Now don't forget to add a spot of styrene, so you can magnetize and inter-change your sponsons.

More to come.


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