Shield Brothers Landraider Kit-Bash #5

So how do you build the side of the true-scale Land Raider ?

First, follow Binary's Bolter and Chainsword post.
Second, actually work out what your measurements should be and where things should fit.

Or, you can look at what I add below:

Grab the rear internal, you finished up last time.
Shave the internal pillar details flat on both sides.

Flip the sides over and attach some reinforcing bars, they are about 40mm long. Apologies for the metric, this kit was made and designed by the British, hence metric.
The reinforcing will slot nicely into the recesses of the chassis, above and below the hatch.
Before you glue the pieces together, make sure you attach your center pillar spacer. My piece runs at around 26mm (W) x 16mm (L).

These three pieces should give you a good seat for gluing the pieces together.

Now attach the rest of the center pieces.
  • Top section: 6mm (W) x 16mm (L)
  • First angle: 4mm (W) x 16mm (L)
  • Center section, as mentioned: 26mm (W) x 16mm (L)
  • Second angle: 9mm (W) x 16mm (L)
  • Bottom section: 8mm (W) x 16mm (L)

Now for the Baneblade front side internal. Measure 46mm from the right end. This will be the internal cut, bounded by the armor panel line.
Notice, I add a 10mm (W) x 40mm (L) spacer between the front of the Land Raider internal and the Baneblade siding.

More to come.


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