Arjac Rockfist kit-bash #7 - This time with his Shieldbrothers ?

So when you put together a unit called Arjac's Shieldbrothers, it would be a little remiss to build Arjac, and totally forget to mention his brothers.

So here is the beginnings of the unit.

It was a good break from the Land Raider, and terminators are quite easy to paint up.
Primer - Vallejo Light Grey Polyurethane
Base - Vallejo Game Air Sombre Grey
Black-lining wash for the panel lines.
Zenithal Highlight - Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey
Pelt base - Vallejo Game Air Bonewhite
Hammers - Airbrush transition: Vallejo Game Air Imperial Blue, Vallejo Game Air Magic Blue, Vallejo Model Color Azure, with edge highlight of Vallejo Model Color White & Vallejo Game Air Electric Blue 3:1 mix, respectively.
Now I have to go back in and ink the pelts, graduating black at the center, to brown, then highlighting the edges with either Vallejo Game Air Dead Flesh or GW Rakarth Flesh mixed with white.
Next, edge the Armor with Vallejo Model Color Brass. Shade with Vallejo Wash Sepia to give texture and depth. Then highlight with Vallejo Model Color Brass mixed 50:50 with Vallejo Metallic Medium.
Then, go paint the right shoulder pads yellow

Finally do the faces .. not much to do at all hey ?
Sigh .. more to come.


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