All your base ? #2

How do you make your bases?

So I have been posting up my bases over the past few months, when I got a ping from a follower on how I actually build them. 

My bases are pretty simple, truth be told.  The process is as follows:
  1. Dab some PVA on a bark chip and put it on a side of the base.
  2. Paint the rest of the base with PVA.
  3. I use the Gale Force Nine Urban Rubble Pack. Starting with Large Grit, close to the Bark Chip, then Medium Grit further out, ending with a sprinkling of Fine Grit over the rest of the base.
  4. When this is all dried, 24+ hours or so, I come back in and basecoat with Badger Stynylrez Black Primer.
  5. When this is dry I give a dry brush of Vallejo Game Air Pale Greyblue.
  6. Then another highlight, depending if it is part of a snow landscape (with Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey) or elsewhere (Vallejo Game Color White).
  7. When this is all dry, I then grab some Army Painter Battlefields: Winter Tufts, break of a piece, dab some PVA and glue it to the base.
Et Voila!

Now below you'll notice I haven't gone back in and tidied the base bevel yet. Well that's because I will add some snow effects later.

I will show you how I do this, in the next post.


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