Space Wolf Dreadnought kit-bash #11

After a few months of building my Space Wolf Dreadnought, I am finally nearing the build finish.

Let's cast our minds back to the incremental work that was done.

First the legs.


Attaching the legs to the hips.

Adding the torso and sarcophagus.

 Work on the arms begins. The initial idea was to make a  variant on MurderFang, called MurderFace.

Then shifting thoughts to a Venerable Dreadnought, with swappable armaments.

Then when I finished the construction on the Assault Cannon finished, I was so chuffed that my thoughts swung back to Bjorn. As Bjorn has an Assault Cannon and Power Claw on his basic setup.

And the power claw soon followed.

Attached to the arm.

Adding the piping on the sarcophagus, so Bjorn can survive in his amniotic sac.

Assembling all the parts.

And now, after adding armor paneling and a few embellishments.
More to come.


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