Simple Green - General Ramblings #5

So you are going along painting, not a problem in the world, then you look down and notice the glazing effort you're doing to even out tones has gone terribly wrong.

A Vallejo Model Air Mahogany, base with Vallejo Extra Opaque Heavy Red, washed with Vallejo Wash Sepia.

Then Vallejo Model Color Brass, with a wash of Vallejo Wash Sepia on the brass areas.

After some blending and edge highlighting with Vallejo Game Air Bloody Red and edge highlighting with GW Troll Slayer Orange. The glazing with GW Bloodletter glaze to even out the tones.
And then I stopped and looked at what was happening .. 
The mini was going a shade of fluoro red, and the other sections started going pink.
Ah crap ..
This paint scheme was going totally pear-shaped ... I didn't like it one bit.
So out came the Simple Green and in went the miniature.


I will let you know how it goes in about a week or so.



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