Painting Update #7

Work continues, somewhat slowly, on Harald.

This time I finally managed to finish off the Mantle of the Ice Troll King. After a few failed attempts at finding a decent representation, I finally stumbled upon the Drake Cloak from

After a little finessing and some green stuff, the drake cloak fitted very nicely, in line with the existing cloak.

After priming the cloak, I go to work building up the reds.
First I  started with Vallejo Model Air Mahogany, then Vallejo Opaque heavy Red, followed by a Vallejo Game Air Light Red concentrating on the higher folds. Another layer of Vallejo Hot Orange, again focusing on the higher folds.



I still need to get stuck into the backpack. That's next on the to do list, after I get a shade wash into the scales of the drake cloak and highlight it back up.

More to come on this one.


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