LimoStudio Photography Light Tent - General Ramblings #6

If you remember a few weeks back, I shared a blog about what people wanted, and what they wanted mostly was photos .. more photos.

So taking this into account, I got my hands on an Amazon special deal:

LimoStudio Photography Table Top Photo Light Tent Kit, 24" Photo Light Box, Continous Lighting Kit, Camera Tripod & Cell Phone Holder

Essentially for a shade over USD$40 you get a light box, to diffuse lighting, some back drops (red, white, black, blue), a pair of spot lights and a camera stand.

It takes about five minutes to set it up and probably a life time to perfect, but after five minutes and a bit of fiddling around with the smart phone camera settings, you can immediately see the differences.

A few days ago my smart phone camera, a quick snap whilst working on the Storm Wolf, at my desktop.

And now, after five minutes of fooling with phone settings. Whilst very over exposed, you can see a real quality difference.

More to come, especially as I work out how to master this new set up.
And yes, I will run an iron over that backdrop cloth.


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