The Tentacle Maker - General Ramblings #3

I have been sitting on my Space Wolf Dreadnought for a few weeks now, wondering how I could make some piping from the chest sarcophagus back into the torso chassis.

Trawling around I came across this product, The Tentacle Maker, made and sold by Green Stuff Industries.

So what is it ?

Well essentially the Tentacle Maker it is a press fit system that rolls out sausages of green stuff and forms them into undulating cylinders for modeling.

Three different profiles come in the current V2 kit, Vex-040, Saw-020 and Saw-050.

There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube to how it actually works, it is pretty simple, just remember to wet your tentacle maker with a little water. Roll a sausage of only a small amount of green stuff, and you're off to the races.

Here are a few test rolled tentacles I made with the SAW-050 profile.

Stay tuned to what I did next.


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