Space Wolves Storm Wolf #1

Seventh (7th) Edition of Warhammer is currently all about the mobility. And what better personifies the Space Wolves capabilities, than a StormWolf, flying in a delivering a pack of Bloodclaws armed with flamers, very scary come turn four (4) and onwards.
So taking that vision into account I have started on a StormWolf. No kit bashing this time, folks, apart from some magnetizing of the turret and sponsons. Remind me to put together a quick magnetizing tutorial, at some stage.
I opted to paint via sub assembly, for this project. Cockpit, Body, Turret and sponsons.

Now to start, I did do a spot of kit-bashing on the pilot, and sprayed him with some Vallejo Grey Primer.

More to come on this as I progress with painting this one up.


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