Space Wolves Drop-pod #1

I took a break from converting and put together a Drop pod for my Space wolves army.

A lot of people bemoan how crappy this model is to put together, and I would somewhat agree to disagree with the sentiment. Whilst I did find it a pain in the ass, I found choosing what to make a sub-assembly, for painting, more of the time sink.

Laying down some basic paint, I will have to say, the old Iwata Eclipse Airbrush will be you friend, and just power through the job. I think I got this done in about 30mins, all told.

I then went back in and put in the flooring color, a simple dry-brush and it was done really quickly.

The most time consuming part was the yellow sections, masking them and blocking them in.

Or so I thought. The real time sink was masking the fins to paint the hazard stripes. In fact, that part became so agonizingly tedious, I took a break from it.

So I have to finish masking of the fins, and airbrushing the hazard stripes, then go back over the whole model and add weathering and pitting, from where the drop pod has had it's paint work eroded from high temperature re-entry action.
More to come on this.


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