Space Wolf Dreadnought kit-bash #9

After assembling the body of my converted Space Wolves Dreadnought, I thought I would take some time out to assemble an actual Grey Knight Dreadknight. My thinking was more to check the Dreadknight out against the Dreadnought, for scaling purposes. And Grey Knights have an easy paint scheme so I should be able to smash it out quickly.

I did switch out the heavy Psy-cannon tip for the heavy Gatling Psilencer, mainly because I like the look a lot more, and I will simply play 'count-as' if I do hit the tables.

Overall, I find the Dreadknight kit pretty fun to put together. You will notice that I have left the armor plates and chest harness off. This is mainly due to the fact I paint basic work via air-brush. So they will be attached later.

Now getting to real point of the post. Checking the scaling.

The Dreadknight is only a shade taller than the Dreadknight, a touch over a 1/4 inch taller or one centimeter in metric.

If I left the Spacewolf Dreadnought conversion of the base, the Dreadknight is almost the same height. Makes me a little fuzzy and warm to know my Bjorn proxy will really have board game presence.

More to come.


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