Space Wolf Dreadnought kit-bash #8

Straight off the back of playing with the Tentacle Maker, I built a few tentacles a set them out to dry for about an hour. I needed to do this to get them to harden up whilst also still being pliable for what I had in mind.

Now if you have a good idea of the curves you want to make, you can make them straight off the bat, with the Tentacle maker, simply make the cable, lay it down on a wet surface and bend into the curve you want, leaving it to dry.

Unfortunately for the work I was trying to do, I had to roll out cables, wait for them to dry, trim to length, then dry fit them to the miniature. Super gluing them when I found the correct, or most aesthetically pleasing positioning.

I found that the ribbed cabling gave a more industrial cooling aesthetic which fit with the cooling and amniotic fluid vibe that the sarcophagus was supposed to convey.

This is how it turned out on the assembled miniature.
Spoilers!! I will cover, in later articles, the few spoiler bits this picture is showing.

Stay tuned for more ..


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