Painting Update #6

So I was trucking along quite nicely, almost finishing off the Bloodclaws, when I hit a little hitch, a little bump in the road.

Namely, the shoulders pads. After a few weeks of vacillating, I finally fixed the yellow of the shoulder pads.

I then laid down a stripe of black, blocked in white then painted red. But unfortunately it just did not come out a crisply as I would have liked.

This is leaving me with a real conundrum. What to do ?

Mask it off and airbrush the stripe forgoing the need for the black, maybe?

At least I would have a crisp line. I will need to think about this one. Procrastinate a little on this.

Apologies for the  picture, this is a true WIP picture, but you will be able to see that the line work is not crisp enough, for my liking.

More to come on this one.


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