Painting Update #5

Painting continues ... and apologies for the poor lighting.

I continued blocking in the colors on Harald Deathwolf, laying down the first highlight coat of Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey over the Vallejo Game Air Sombre Grey blacklined base coat. I also began laying down a base coat of Vallejo Game Air Brass, to start building up the gold embellishments.

Because I was in a batch painting mood I then moved onto the Bloodclaw pack.

Laying down the first highlight of Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey on the armor plates, Brass on the ornate portions and Bleached Bone on the bone fetishes.

In addition, I washed in some Army Painter Dark Tone, to bring a darker shade to the gold and bone.

On a side note, it was a balmy 110degF here in California, so my paints were drying on my wet palette a little too quickly. 
More to come, when the temperature drops to a more acceptable level.


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