Painting Update #3

As I was black lining the Storm Wolf pilot. I thought this would be a good excuse to finish black lining my Bloodclaw pack.

It has taken a while to finish this squad up, I will admit, the main issue being the yellow. I am not having much luck getting down a smooth layer of yellow, either via airbrush, or by hand paint. Given they are Bloodclaws, Red wouldn't necessarily be a bad color, but the fluff traditionally has the Bloodclaws with yellow shoulder pads, with red markings. Such as below:
Getting pack to the Bloodclaws, this is how the black lining is looking, with the initial coat of yellow, and flesh washes down.

And the full pack, which you may have seen before, with initial color blocking and black lining.

Next up, I will take them back to the 'grey' look, and away from the bluish version. I have to get some discipline and really nail down finishing this squad.

More to come on this.


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