Painting Update #2

I have a group of Fenrisian wolves that I finally got a chance to throw a primer and base coat on.
Whilst this was all straight forward, I wanted to get a more blue tint to the black of the fur. rather than washing it, I tried some Badger Blue Ghost Tint. unfortunately I don't seem to have ever gotten the knack of using ghost tints, as they ended up leaving the surface all glossy, and overall I really wasn't happy with the finish. It was a pity, really, cause I had just finished up a nice White (Vallejo Model Air), to Wolf Grey (Vallejo Game Air), to Ice blue (Vallejo Game Air), to Medium Sea Grey (Vallejo Model Air) to black (Vallejo Model Air) transition.

Given the issues the glossy look caused, I ended up going back and giving all the models a dark wash of my black liner wash.
Waiting for these to dry now, so I guess I will have to wait for another day to finish them.


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