Painting Update #1

So it has been a while since I last picked up the airbrush, or even a paint brush. Time being what it is, short, and life getting in the way of things.

So I thought I would show you what little progress I have made on Harald Deathwolf, and a Bloodclaw pack I have been putting together, on the side.

Harald is basically undercoated, washed, and re-highlighted on the grey of the power armor.
The first yellow coat has gone onto his shoulders and knees. The first flesh wash in the face has been laid down, too.

I also started playing with gradient's on the frost axe, but I am not happy with the overall effect yet, so I will do a post about it sometime into the future.

My Thunderwolf Cavalry troop is more progressed, I have started blocking in colors and washing, highlighted the armor back up to grey. Red sections are almost finished, Face is mostly done, just need to tidy the teeth and highlight the red hair, finish the chainsword and shield and stick him on his thunderwolf.

Basic colors blocked in on my Wolfguard Pack Leader, and first wash put down. Again the gradient on the wolfclaw was started, but I wasn't totally happy with the results. Just a note on this, I have magnetized the Storm Shield and wolfclaw, so I can swap them out to better gear, depending on the type of list I build, combi-weapon comes to mind, etc.

A general Wolfclaw troop, basic base coats, and first ink wash down. I generally start witht he faces first, as I am not the biggest fan of painting faces. Go figure that, especially in a Spacewolf army.

Probably could have taken this at a different angle, but another example of a Wolfclaw, in progress.


More to come.


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