Frequency, Content and General Ramblings #1

After a few days, weeks, or however long it has been (nearly three weeks), I thought I would take a moment and run a little poll on what people actually want to see and/or read about, when scanning through blogs.

Interestingly the results ended up being quite a close run poll. Initially, I thought one of the results would have easily run away, but as it turned out, things are a little more nuanced.

In end, for the data collected I came to the following conclusions:
  1. People disliked sporadic content, especially if it appears to be more of long and involved prose effort. A constant dependable stream of content is paramount.
  2. The most important thing was the quality of the photos. The quantity was not necessarily the main issue. More importantly, the quality. A high amount of detail and focused.
  3. There is a general  expectation to see daily updates and a weekly wrap up. Daily updates being photo heavy, and the Weekly wrap up containing a summary of the week's work, a tips section, and general conversational piece.
Taking these suggestions into account, I am thinking through how I can modify my content to fit into these preferences.

  1. Daily sneak peeks
  2. Weekly Article
  3. Better photos, so maybe set up a camera booth, rather than random happy snaps while in progress.
Bear with me as I begin the process to take all this, on board.


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