Basius - Warpath - Wargames Bakery - General Ramblings #4

Being a closet Kickstarter trawler, I acquired a few Basius2 negatives, more importantly I got my hands on the number 08 - Warpath plate.

So what is Basius ?

Essentially is a resin negative. 
Now what you do with it is as follows:
  1. Make a ball of green stuff, keep it damp.
  2. Place your green stuff onto a base.
  3. Grab your Basius negative and wet the section you're interested in. You wet the mold so the green stuff takes the molding but doesn't stick to the Basius negative.
  4. Press your base, loaded with the damp green stuff, and press it into the newly wetted Basius plate.
  5. Et Voila!
So here is what the relief would look like, courtesy of the Wargames Bakery site.

I choose a section that I thought would be most interesting.

Now there is a few things to note about making negative impression relief molds, or less convoluted, press-fit bases.

  1. It uses a fair amount of green stuff.
  2. On large bases, it uses a LOT of green stuff.
So it goes to say, you might want to cut your green stuff with at least a 50/50 blend of magic-sculpt and green stuff. Magic-sculpt is a very much cheaper alternative to green stuff.

Here is the result.

Given the base was very much larger than the piece of green stuff I had rolled, I started adding my usual basing extras to cover the empty portions of the base.

You will notice the white parts are Magic-sculpt.

More to come.


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