Space Wolves Dreadnought kit-bash #3

Revisiting the leg construction for the Spacewolf Dreadnought, I ended up grabbing a few Sentinel leg bits from Ebay (Black Dagger Games). After a few hours of positioning and fooling about, I settled on this configuration.

Dreadknight upper leg, Defiler for the mid-leg, and multiple Sentinel lower leg struts. The foot is a plasticard and the original Dreadknight foot.

Once I was happy with the configuration, I constructed another leg mirroring the design of the first leg.

Utilizing the upper portion of the Dreadknight legs allowed me to attach the legs to the existing hip portion of the Converted Dreadknight.

Assembling the lower leg to the upper leg and hip joint turned out like this.
More to come on this.




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