Space Wolves Dreadnought kit-bash #2

So I got a moment to go back and look at my Space Wolves Dreadnought conversion, more importantly I started to finalize how I wanted the legs to be configured.

I saw a post from an Italian site on Pinterest which featured a kit bash of the Sentinel and fell in love with the legs.


More so, I felt the short upper portions, extending to a longer lower leg strut was the right combination for the Dread conversion. I started shifting through different configurations of legs, based on what was left of the Dreadknight legs, you will even see a section of a leg from a Defiler.

With a shuffle or two, I came up with a few other configurations.

But I ended up settling for this configuration, based on the parts I had laying about, as the piston actually looked like to was doing something. The ankle joint is a bit of an issue for me though, as it won't fit into the Dreadknight foot.


I might try to grab some Sentinel legs from eBay and see how they would fit into this configuration.

More to come.


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