Space Wolves Dreadnought kit-bash #1

So as much as I love the Dreadnought model, and the more "wolfie" version, I decided that I wanted to make a version of Bjorn the Fell Handed that more represented how I pictured him, from Chris Wraight's novel, Battle of the Fang.

I looked around online and got a few ideas, to bulk out legs and maybe swap out the sarcophagus façade, but in the end I got pretty jazzed from a few Grey Knight Dreadknight conversions..

So I had a few sprues lying about from a Stormwolf, essentially the hull plates from the Stormfang variant, and I re-purposed a Grey Knight Dreadknight chassis/torso.

I had some Murderfang claws, that I added to the Dreadknight vambraces. They looked kind of bad ass, so my idea of making this purely into Bjorn fell by the way side, as the option to build this bad-boy into a more generic venerable dreadnought "plays-as" became more important. Magnetizing various options, and still flirting with how I can do Bjorn.

This is how things turned out initially. The Stormfang hull plate became the sarcophagus. I also mocked up a magna grapple to bulk out the top of the chassis, put things into some semblance of proportion.

A bit more detail from the side.

I have an idea to extend the pipes back into the chassis, and I still need to green stuff the chassis and sarcophagus together.

My main head ache, I am having at present, and still continues to this day, is how I am going to do the legs. I want more articulation and a beefier look to them, as the original legs are a bit stiff and not very dynamic.

More on this, as I progress.


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