Iron Priest Servo Arm kit-bash

So way back in March 2015, I decided to undertake building a 2000pts WH40K Space Wolves force.

I had on and off followed and dabbled off and on with WH40K since the Rogue Trader days (1989), the last time I formally played was up to the end of 2nd edition. But given a relocation from Australia to USA, the price point for building a proper sized force finally made sense.

Being a long time Space Wolves, well all things Viking fan, I had a look around at what would be an effective force.

Initially I was going to go all fluffy, with named Characters on Thunderwolves, heavily Thunderwolf based, but looking at the points I gradually gravitated to a more point effective setup.

I did start working on two Iron priest mounted on Thunderwolves.

Those strength 10 servo arms were just too cinematic to pass up.

The first of these I assembled from a Devastator backpack and various styrene (Plastruct) off-cuts.

I went for a very heavy lifter type feel for this one, heavily damped and braced with pistons, etc. It kinda worked out in the end.

The second I "lightened" up a little, as the first arm seemed to dominate everything and detract from the overall aesthetic of the marine. I was much happier with how this one turned out.



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