Iron Priest on Thunderwolves - Almost complete

So there was a large gap in time here, where I focused on a few different projects, Scratch-built / kit-bashed Space Wolves Dreadnought, Canis and Harald proxies. I will cover more on these soon.

But below is how the Iron Priests turned out. They are about 80%, I need to add some snow effects and final highlights.

You'll notice the overwhelming size of the first servo arm, as mentioned earlier.

I didn't think it would turn out so overpowering, as it looks quite innocuous from the side and/or rear. But from in front, I cannot see the marine!

I have been stuck thinking about how to fix it up, for a few weeks. Should I build another and replace it, or re-position the wolf or just not bother?

I am much happier with how the second Iron Priest's Servo arm turned out.
Just the right amount of Heroic presence.


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