Blood Angels Sanuinary Chaplain kit-bash #3

Head Choices

So I put a small poll out on G+ for head choices for the Sanguinary Chaplain.

My initial option was a Maxmini skull helmet (16% liked this). It ended up 3rd best option.

The Second choice was another Maxmini skull helmet. This was the least liked option (6%), coming in 4th.

Surprisingly the Sanguinary Death mask was the most liked version of helmet and my personal favorite, to be honest (59%). It was the clear winner for design, coming 1st in the poll.

The original Relictor skull helmet ended up coming in second best choice (18%), 2nd, but it looked a little out of scale, too small, for the heroic sizing of the space marine. Mainly due to the expanded chest and gorget from the conversion.


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