Blood Angels Sanuinary Chaplain kit-bash #1

I took a break from the Wolves about the same time Age of Sigmar was released.

Looking at the models, I had to agree with the general sentiment that this was the "best Blood Angels release in years!".

Taking this into account, I started a conversion of an Age of Sgmar Relictor.

Got spikes ? Check.
Got Litany Scrolls ? Check
Got Skull helmet ? Check
Got skulls and bones everywhere ? Check
And the mini even has a semi-dynamic pose. Sweet! Overall a good base to work from.
Grabbing some trusty Green Stuff, a Sanguinary Guard Chest piece clippers, knife and after some cutting and shaving, voila!

The leading/outstretched arm looks to be a great pose for a bolter or Crozius Arcanum.

More to come


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