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Happy New Year

Yup, it's been a while.
Been a long year. A real calamity of problems since November 2016. But a new year is about to shuffle past and hopefully I can catch a ride to brighter days.
So formalities aside everyone, Happy New Year!!
Traditionally we bloggers put a list together of the projects they have completed. In my case, it's more a litany of "The box of shame", where I feel shame over the projects started, but not quite completed (Courtesy of the Age of Darkness Podcast). All in all, it was a patchy year for finishing projects. I started out well, however life hit a snag around July and it became a real hodge-podge of hit and misses.
That being said, the following is a little list of what I got up to: January 2017 Adeptus Custodes

World Eaters Red Butchers

Saurus Champion and Bones (Commission)

World Eaters Apothecaries

Spartan Dozer Blades

February 2017 Thousand Sons (Unfinished)