Horus Heresy 30k Adeptus Custodes - Constantin Valdor / Tribune #2

Whilst I was working on the Master of Mankind, I thought I would continue with my Custodes Tribune whilst the airbrush was out.

I wanted to make this blade stand out from the usual Custodian Spears, as the Tribune would carry a Paragon Spear and/or Valdor would carry the Apollonian Spear. So I made a red blend to make the blade appear as though it was burning hot.

I also started working on the face, as I was batch painting faces, starting with the Emperor's face.
More to come.

Horus Heresy Characters - Master of Mankind - The God Emperor of Mankind #4

Just thought I would show a quick WIP of the Master of Mankind.

I have been blocking in colours and working out how I want things to look like.
Essentially the base colour have been completed via the airbrush, and now I will have to go back in and paint the remaining details by hand.

Just a quick pick of the primer coat (Stynylres Black) with Zenithal highlight of white (Vallejo Polyurethane White).

I will show you a few close ups of the airbrush work as I progress, starting with the sword. This was done using successive layers of Vallejo Colors reds, oranges, yellows and a final highlight of aged white. I still have to go back in and reinforce some shadows, then pick out the flame highlights with more contrast.

So for the Emperor's face I tried out some scale75 colours. It looks a little flat at the moment, as i was trying to work out if the face should be a light shade or dark shade. I am thinking the Emperor doesn't really get off the Golden Throne, much, so he'd be a little…

General Ramblings - OK enough is enough

Hey Folks, have any of you had one of those situations where you're doing renovations that are projected to last six (6) weeks but actually drag out to six (6) months ?
Well, that summarizes my hobby experience.
The hobby room is still unavailable and with the goings on of 8th Ed. and 1st Ed. I just have been getting more and more excited to build and paint all the new shinnies.

So today I cracked it and said, "enough is enough!" and began priming all the miniatures that I have been building and ferretting away waiting for the spray booth to come back online.

In the end I set up the airbrush in the corner of the garage in 100degF+, around 38degC for you metric fellows, and primed over an old scrap of cardboard.

And look at all the shinnies I got primed.

Starting with none other than my Master of Mankind conversion.

Hvarl, which you've seen before, but with an improved head.

I finally primed a different Nykona Sharrowkyn. Likely you saw this fellow a long time ago, he kind of…

Horus Heresy Characters - Master of Mankind - The God Emperor of Mankind #3

Yes, I am back, it's been a while. And this time around, I got a chance to do a bit of a do-over on my Master of Mankind, the Emperor.

You'll remember where I had left of on this model (See below). Whilst it was a fun conversion, I just didn't feel it captured the essence of the Emperor.

So when the new Roboute Guilliman (aka Row-boat Girly-man) was released I knew I just had to make the conversion.

The basis of the Guilliman is truly a pretty model. Lots of detail. So what could I alter to make him look like the Emperor?
Well, I focused on the areas of the highest detail, which could be re-constructed:
HaloShoulder PadPower ClawBaltea (hanging leather waist straps)

So starting with the Power Claw, I used a jewelers saw to cut the hand from the arm. This will enable me to re-position the hand into a position were it appears that the Emperor is conjuring. I then re-cast some claws from the ForgeWorld Resin Kor Phaeron miniature and attached them to the fingers.

Next up I began wor…

General Ramblings - I'm still here

Hey All, if you've been wondering where I have been for the past few weeks, I just wanted to let you all know that I am still floating about, just hit a small snag on the hobby front.

Renovations. Given the recent heavy rains in California, a few things sprung a leak at my place requiring fixing, remediation and replacement, hence my hobby area has looked like this for over a month now. Additionally, my airbrush and painting station is packed up and non-existent whilst materials are being stored in that area, too.

Suffice to say, it has been a bit painful not being able to hobby, but hopefully things will be back on track at the end of April.

Stay tuned.